Welcome to Bellevue Chapel, Edinburgh

Welcome to the website of Bellevue Chapel, an independent evangelical church in Edinburgh. Whether you are looking for somewhere to attend regularly, just visiting or maybe curious about what Christianity is all about, we would love to see you at one of our Sunday services.

Sunday Worship

19th November

Bellevue At Drummond

10:30am - Sunday morning at Drummond Community High School. Tea & Coffee served from 10am.

6:00pm - Prayer Meeting
(located in Grace North Edinburgh on Logie Green Road)

6:30pm - Evening Bible Study & Communion
(also in Grace North Edinburgh)

Christianity Explored

Starting 23rd October!

We all get to live one life, and deep down we're all asking the same question - what's it all about? For Christians the person of Jesus Christ is central to answering this question.  Christianity Explored spends some time explaining who Jesus was, why he came, and what his life and death accomplished, and crucially why this is relevant to us today.  It also provides space for people to ask the tough questions, which we seek to answer through the bible.  It's essentially a course to find out what Christianity is all about, and the answer might surprise you. 

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Where you can find us

Sunday Mornings

Bellevue At Drummond

Our 10:30am Sunday Morning service is held at Drummond Community High School, a short walk up the road from our church building on Rodney Street.

Other Times

While building work is ongoing, we are grateful to local churches for accomodating our other activities. Our Sunday evening service is held at Grace North Edinburgh, 64 Logie Green Rd, EH7 4HQ. (See map below)

For locations of other events and mid-week regular activities, refer to the appropriate area of the website or contact us.